The brothers of Kappa Psi Chapter are launching our very first popcorn fundraiser. We chose to go with Poppin Popcorn because of the 16 different flavors that offer a bigger variety of options compared to its competitors. Proceeds from this initiative will help us fund all of our programs and initiatives such as Mentoring, Social Action, Scholarships and Talent Hunt along  with many others.
Please support our fundraiser by clicking the link below, clicking the flier below or scan the QR code on the flier.

Feel free to share the link and attached flier to your friends and family as well as your social media platforms. 

Thank you for your continued support!

Thank you to all of our supporters

Poplar, Sr. Kevin$72.00
DeCoteau, Stephen$54.00
Honora, Dexter$18.00
Williams, Marcina$18.00
Spraggins, Craig$18.00
Crawley, Clinton$62.00
Bell, Raymond$28.00
Branch, Craig$86.00
Green, Brian$50.00
Bowers, Eric$64.00
Dennis Jr, Ferney$29.00
Punter, Montez$14.00
Hamilton, Katrina$32.00
Colston, Mitchell$32.00
Bell, Dominique$54.00
Taylor, Rodney$20.00
Edmond, Patrick$54.00
Thomas, Rashida$36.00
Waith, Jamaal$18.00
Davis, Keonte$100.00
Harleston, Bernice$36.00
Lee, Karen$18.00
Chase, Nolan$36.00
Tolson, Robert$90.00
Shelton, Rodney$90.00
Barnett, D. Pearl$50.00
Burise, Tamal$72.00
Ricks, Tia$36.00
Baldwin, Ed$198.00
Thornton, Shanette$35.00
Nolen, Kenya$18.00
Ivit, Desmond$35.00
Snell, Raijiene$90.00
Poplar, Eric$36.00
Martin, Andrea$36.00
Poplar, Eileen$16.00
Muhammad, Nasser$36.00
Scott, Erin$36.00
Brown, Charles$36.00
Haley, Brian$61.00
Hughes, Todd$50.00
Kennedy, Karl$36.00
Lee, Brian$89.00
Patterson, Keith$54.00
Walker, Roderick$36.00
Luseni, Lewis$54.00
Clark, Marco$36.00
Duppins, Dorothy$46.00
Jordan, Adrian$50.00
Wilson, Keith$50.00
Williams, WJ$72.00
Luseni, Lewis$18.00
Strain Jr., Raymond$36.00
Yonkers Jr., Glen$70.00
Stevens, Anthony$108.00
Seth, Devin$36.00
Duppins, Loretta$68.00
Green, Keith$52.00
Cuttino, Jeffrey$54.00
Johnson III, William$18.00

Popcorn Fundraiser