The History of Kappa Psi Chapter

Authors: Bro. Kevin Matthews (1984) and Bro. Dr. Ramsey L. Smith (2004)

Dr. William Montague Cobb, M.D.
Founder and First Basileus Kappa Psi Chapter

In the 1926 Oracle, Brother Horace Fitchett, the first chapter editor of Kappa Psi Chapter of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Incorporated wrote: “Whenever deep seated and fertile ideas have their conception in the minds of foresighted and ambitious youth, they must find their lodging place in reality, even though the initial efforts for the attainment of tangible results be thwarted.”

For more than a year, professional Omega men at the Howard University Medical School had considered forming a chapter that would be responsive to their needs and that would “adequately integrate the ideas and concentrate the efforts of Alpha Chapter men for a greater Omega in Washington,” according to Fitchett. Brother W. Montague Cobb said the chapter was formed to include students in the professional schools “because of their more serious interests and dissatisfaction with many aspects of the undergraduate chapter. “Kappa Psi eliminated brutality in its initiations, Cobb said, as well as the “one-man blackball without a reason” and the prejudices formerly exhibited against Caribbean students.

On October 31, 1926 an informal meeting of all professional and graduate Omega men at Howard was called at 500 T Street, N.W., the “Omega House.” At this meeting Fitchett wrote, “The idea of creating a professional chapter was reiterated and heartily favored by everyone present.”“Definite action as taken,” he wrote, “by the formation of a tentative organization, the permanency of which was conditioned by an acceptance of the idea by the Supreme Council and the subsequent granting of a charter.”

The following officers of Kappa Psi were elected:

  • Bro. Montague Cobb, Basileus
  • Bro. Floyd W. Green, Keeper of Records and Seal
  • Bro. Lincoln Johnson, Keeper of Finance
  • Bro. J.C. Wilson, Chaplain
  • Bro. J.D. Martin, Keeper of Peace
  • Bro. Horace Fitchett, Chapter Editor

On Friday, November 19, 1926, Kappa Psi was chartered as a chapter for professional and graduate students at Howard. Charter members were: Montague Cobb, Floyd Green, Lincoln Johnson, E. Horace Fitchett, M.J. Allen, James Carter, Thurman Dodson, William Forrester, Luther Gaither, A.B. Green, Maurice Johnson, Theodore Lovelace, J.D. Martin, George McDonald, Sidney Sumby, Frederick Watts, and J.C. Wilson. Fitchett wrote that Kappa Psi’s aim was to “integrate our ideas, concentrate our efforts, and project them for a greater Omega at Howard.”

Kappa Psi continued to serve the needs of professional and graduate students at Howard until 1938, when the chapter became inactive. In 1947, Brother Charles Williams, a law student at Howard University, revived Kappa Psi. The same needs that existed in 1926 and led to the formation of Kappa Psi also led to the chapter’s revival-fellowship and camaraderie with men of like backgrounds and equal goals.

As the years progressed, Kappa Psi Chapter continued its intermediate chapter status, extending its influence beyond the Howard professional schools. The chapter also included Omega Men attending graduate school at other area universities, brothers recently graduated or relocated to the District, and undergraduates on the various campuses of the District of Columbia which did not have chapters of their own. Kappa Psi has given birth to three undergraduate chapters in the D.C. Metropolitan area: Omicron Gamma Chapter at D.C. Teachers College (now the University of the District of Columbia), Epsilon Sigma at Bowie State University, and Delta Theta at Southeastern University (now at Georgetown University and George Washington University). Kappa Psi has also included undergraduates from Georgetown, George Washington, American and Catholic Universities. Kappa Psi prides itself in the tradition of working with our undergraduate brothers serving as friends, mentors, and chapter advisors. Upon graduation, many of these brothers make Kappa Psi their new fraternity home.

The chapter has been the home of many notable Omega Men. The legacy of the chapter’s founder, Dr. W. Montague Cobb, not only lives on in the field of Physical Anthropology and the NAACP has immortalized it. The Montague Cobb Health Advocacy award was established to honor individuals and organizations that have made a significant impact in the field of health. Dr. Cobb served as the national NAACP President from 1976 to 1983. Brother Togo West, Kappa Psi 1966, was a Presidential Cabinet member during the administration of President Bill Clinton where he served as the Secretary of Veterans Affairs. Many men who have been initiated in the chapter or have made the chapter their second fraternal home have served the nation and world as Ministers, Medical Doctors, Research Scientist, Educators, Lawyers, Firemen, businessmen and etcetera.

Social Action has been woven in the fabric of Kappa Psi throughout its history. The chapter has consistently implemented the chapter’s nationally mandated programs such as Achievement Week and Talent Hunt. Besides the nationally mandated programs, Kappa Psi has developed and been involved with unique programs to serve the community of Washington, D.C. For example, Kappa Psi has participated in Project Giveback, We Feed Our People, the Million Man March in 1995, and the Million More March in 2005. In 2003 Kappa Psi introduced their Debate Tournament to the Washington, D.C. community as a way to promote scholarship and the art of debate to D.C. high school students. This program has grown exponentially since its inception and has been received awards from the Fraternity and the Washington, D.C. Pan-Hellenic council 2009 Youth Project of the Year. Fund raising and volunteering for public health causes has also been a passion for the chapter. The chapter has donated human capital and raised thousands of dollars for the Susan G. Komen National Race for the Cure. Also, the chapter organized a Col. Charles Young Trail Ride to has raised thousands of dollars for the American Diabetes Association.

The D.C. Pan-Hellenic council acknowledged the outstanding nature of this event by awarding it Social Action Project of the Year in 2009. The chapter has also hosted a Halloween Party for the D.C. Association for Retarded Citizens; a Christmas Party for children of the Columbia Heights neighborhood sponsored Holiday Toy Drives at Harriet Tubman Elementary School and served as volunteers at Share metro food distribution center. On the District level the level, Kappa Psi has been award 3rdDistrict Social Action Chapter of the Year in 2009. As testament to its commitment to community service, Kappa Psi received the President’s Volunteer Service Award which was presented to the chapter by the President’s Council on Service and Civic Participation at the January 15, 2011 Omega Psi Phi Kick-off to the Centennial Celebration Gala.

Social Action is not the only focus of the chapter. In the true Omega Sprit, the men of Kappa Psi worshiped at church together, performed together in the Chapter’s Gospel Choir and host an annual Memorial Service for our deceased brothers. The chapter has been known to host a variety of social events highlighted by the Annual Boat ride, which has been going strong for over four decades. Kappa Psi has been the home of a nationally renowned Step team. The Kappa Psi Hop Team has had many accomplishments including an appearance on Black Entertainment Television’s 106 and Park television show in 2004, winners of the 2008 Third District Step Show and they participated in the 2008 Grand Conclave Step Show.

2011 marked the 85th Anniversary of Kappa Psi Chapter. The chapter has been a vital part of the cultural life of Washington, D.C. throughout its existence, and has served as a training ground for some of America’s most prominent leaders and professionals. While the chapter officially transitioned to graduate status in 1998, we remain true to our legacy of initiating graduate and professional school men at Howard University and serving the young professional brothers and aspiring professionals in the District of Columbia.

Bro. Derrick Thornton (2018 - 2021)

Bro. Patrick B. Perry, Sr. (2017-2018)

Bro. Glen Yonkers, Jr. (2015 – 2017)

Bro. Billy D. Holcombe (2013-2015)

Bro. Ilandus D. Swinson (2011-2013)

Bro. Willie “W. J.” Williams, Jr. (2008-2011)

Bro. Edward Muhammad (2006–2008)

Bro. S. Raschid Muller (2004–2006)

Bro. Edward Muhammad (2003–2004)

Bro. Koy D. Banks (2002–2003)

Bro. Robert Tolson (2001–2003)

Bro. Anthony Teat (2000–2001)

Bro. Karl Kennedy (1998–2000)

Bro. Clarence Labor Jr. (1996–1998)

Bro. Kirk Blackman (1994–1996)

Bro. Reggie Forbes (1992–1994)

Bro. Barry Hudson (1990–1992)

Bro. Jerome Peters (1988–1990)

Bro. Kenneth Brown

Bro. Brenson Long (1975 - 1977)

Bro. Charles Briggs (1974 - 1975)

Bro. Brenson Long

Bro. Larry A Brown





(List compiled by Bro. Kevin Matthews ’84 and Bro. Dr. Ramsey L. Smith ‘04)

  • ALLEN, Leonidas A. – Howard University Law School (HULS)
  • CAMPBELL, Calvin (HULS)
  • COOMBS, Arthur (HULS)
  • KENNEDY, Harold L. (HULS)
  • NICHOLS, Edward K. (HULS)
  • WALKER, Phillip S. (HULS)
  • BANKS, Ulysses (HULS)
  • WILLIAMS, Charles E. (HULS)
    (Paid thru ALPHA CHAPTER 1/20/49)


Daniel Dames (Omega Chapter


Andre Galiber Sr. (Omega Chapter)


Floyd Oliver
William Underwood
Theodore Johns
Saul Nickerson
David Vonsumpter
Robert Cooke
Stanley Molock
Eugene Ward


Dorsey Thomas (Omega Chapter)


Lawrence Brown


Phillip Rayford (Omega Chapter)


Warren Walters
William Kate Jr.


Thomas M. Jackson
David H. Pendergrast
Harry E. Smith
James H. Wilson


James D. Diggs
Dwight M. Ellis
George Harshaw
James Nabors
Walter L. Pace
Wilford Ralph
Herbert R. Scott
Henry L. Wilson Jr.
Alonzo A. Wright


Amos Benjamin
Joseph C. Bantum
Benjamin R. Bostic
Ricardo Cambell
John H. Carter
Renfield R. Carter
Theodore Gloster
Ezra A. Naughton (Omega Chapter)
Guy R. Rankin
Edward Shelton
Sidney R. Smith
Edwin Sapp


Nelson J. Grillo (Omega Chapter)
David H. Robinson Jr.
Arthur Weiseger Jr.
Michael Winston


St. Clair C. Bourne
Robert Busby (Omega Chapter)
Leroy Hicks (Omega Chapter)
Edward Franklin (Omega Chapter)
Stanley L. Fleming
Dersh Mohammad
Paul Woods Jr. (Omega Chapter)


Robert Adams
Ewan A. Brown
Harold Lloyd
Michael A. Proctor (Omega Chapter)


Latimer Blount
Clyde Waters

1963 : The Fantastic Four

Robert Barnes
La Barron Brazier
Vincent Johns
John Robinson


Oliver Franklin Jr. (Omega Chapter)


Willie McCray

1964 : The Dirty Dozen

Charles M. Brown
Melvin Covington (Omega Chapter)
Harvey Durham
Joseph Evans
Lyman B. Henderson
Patrick Kelly
Henry Lee
Leroy London
James Stokes
James T. Wallace
Joshua Washington
Everett White


Vernon G. Archer
Abraham Davis Jr.
Walker B. Moore Jr.
Robert W. Smith


Richard S. Franks
Irving F. Harris Jr.
Lawrence W. Jones
Michael D. Jordan
Lloyd R. Locke
Ramon J. Rhinehart (Omega Chapter)
Clifford W. Roberson Jr.
Rudolph D. Smith Jr. (Omega Chapter)
Willie S. Watkins III


Ralph D. Cook
Major K. Lee III
Thomas B. Leecost Jr.
Nehemiah E. Rucker
Togo D. West Jr. (Omega Chapter)
Roy S. Wynn Jr.


Perry L. Anderson
Ronald L. Gilkes
Richard B. Moore (Omega Chapter)
Adrian K. Panton
Richard Spencer
Joseph M. Stills
Clarence S. Wallace


Seymour Hundley Jr. (Omega Chapter)


Frederick K. Adams Jr.
Edward M. Bradford Jr. (Omega Chapter)
George A. Caldwell
Arthur W. Cooke
Moses G. Gadson
Alfonso P. Johnson Jr.
Onette Edward Waldo Johnson Sr.
James R. Lewis
Roscoe Martin
Morris W. Milton
William R. Powell (Omega Chapter)
Sherman W. Smith Jr.
Wilbur C. Tucker
Lawrence M. Lawson
Gordon L. Sampson
Douglas D. Waters


Woodrow Boggs Jr.
James E. Cofield Jr.
Robert L. Coates
Luther Holland Jr.
Robert C. Jackson
William James
Milton W. Jetter
John M. Jones
Washington H. Patterson III
Carelton E. Rainey
Anthony W. Skidmore
Richard Tolliver
Robert B. Washington Jr.
Adrian Wiseman


Norman W. Miller


Ural B. Adams
Terry Andrews
Johnny J. Butler
Alfred S. Carter
Dana H. Greene
Courtney A.B. Hamilton
Calvin C. Johnson
Elton J. Lester
Howard D. Mayfield (Omega Chapter)
Robert Harry Shipman (Omega Chapter)
Clarence Vernon Stancil
Ronald Stewart
Joe L. White Jr.
James A. Williams


Herbert Singleton (Omega Chapter)


Harold B. Banks
William A. Clark Jr.
Leon D. Gray
Darryl M. Gross
Earl Hazel Jr.
Nonnie F. Midgette
Enoch Perry
James A. Price
Glenn D. Pritchett
Robert L. Reaves
Claude W. Roxborough (Omega Chapter)
Charles M. Sannders
William Smith
William F. Smith
Merle J. Smith Jr.
Rodney J. Scott
Pretlow L. Stevenson Jr.
Gary J. Williams


Anthony Adams
Cordelle Williams (Omega Chapter)
Roosevelt Milton
George Wesley Allen
Edward McCormick
Ronald Young (Omega Chapter)
Robert Fullerton
Jackie Myster
Arthur Williams
John Barnett
William Wilson
Timothy Booker (Omega Chapter)
Gerald Clay
Rudolph M. Williams
Leo Clark
Melvin Holmes
William Bingham
Ted Hardaway


Vanbrakle’s Express 24 (Initiated Howard Undergraduates for ALPHA CHAPTER under Suspension)

Nelson Adams
Theodore R. Andrews
Eugene R. Banks
Duane A. Brown
David O. Cannady
Gilbert C. Colwell
James E. Cooks
Ronald J. Council
Oliver P. Coutrier
Michael W. Craig
Christopher R.E.L. Dixon
Julius B. Dixon
Gregory L. Drake
Robert L. Freemen
Ronald C. Hicks
Donnie Horne
Carl A. Major Jr.
Marion Mann Jr.
Al Marshall
William T. Martin
Dwight E. Mills
Marvin J. Powell
Keith V. Watkins
James M. Williams


Robert E. Wilson
Anthony D. Freeman


Rodney E. Harrigan
Douglas C. Pearson
Curtis H. Tearte

1975 The Triumphant One

Robert McGlotten Jr. (Omega Chapter)


Melvin L. Nelson
Samuel Turner
Larry F. Waples
Rodney Lawson

1975 Freeman's Five Demons

Henry C. Gates
Roderick V. Watson
Wayne L. Wilson (Omega Chapter)
Robert J. Grace
Roby L. Radley


Douglas Scott (Omega Chapter)
Ronald Horton Jr. (Omega Chapter)

1976 Freeman’s 9th Dimension

Ronald Horton Jr. (Omega Chapter)
Willie Hall Jr.
Douglas Harvey (Omega Chapter)
Marlon Allen
Courtney Canty
Dayton Watkins
Nathaniel Williams
Todd Grainger
Reginald Berry (Omega Chapter)

1976 The Purple Majies

Stepfan Sherman
Reginal Cardozo
John Gladden
George Woody
Maurice Davis
William R. Warren
Michael Finley (Omega Chapter)
Linwood E. Lawton (Omega Chapter)
Joseph Brown


John Frederic Mercer

1977 : The Purple Majies

Albert Jones (Omega Chapter)


Charles A. Harris
Alex S. Dorson III
Leonard S. Cooper
Michael B. Chambliss
Darryl D. Wilson


Ronald A. Hamilton
Perry C. Nicholas
Wilbert Nixon
William P. Von Blasingame
Richard D. Taylor
Albert S. Teixeria (Omega Chapter)
Kent W. Washington
Dwight D. Simmons
Thomas D. Kates


Brian D. Clater
Daniel Craddock (Omega Chapter)
Stephen A. Harden


Matthew A. Graves Jr.


Robert H. Bembry III
David M. Parker (Omega Chapter)
William E. Morton (Omega Chapter)
Ceron A. Pugh
Bobby C. Thomas (Omega Chapter)


Robert A. Lampkin
Darryl F. Wilson

1981 : Funk or Walk

Colin Watson
Kevin R. Daley (Omega Chapter)
Alan C. Graves
Schavez L. Tidwell
Willie A. Best (Omega Chapter)
Wilbert W. Givens Jr.
Haniel C. Rosemond
Preston C. Wright
Thomas W. Clark
Kevin H. Scott (Omega Chapter)

1982 : BLOCK BOY 8

Lloyd Lagrange
Larry Matthews
Walter Woods
Theodore Robinson
Mike Dubuse
Charles Small
Steve Rhinehart
Ossie White

1983 : Line Rocks 5 Trips of The Atomic Dog

Raoul Daggett
Cecilo Young
Alvin Hinkle
Brett Blake
Melvin Pitt

1984 : Doe Doe’s Three Clones of the Mothership

Jeffrey P. Wofford
Kevin H. Matthews
Milton L. Hopkins


John Beamon (Omega Chapter)

1987 : Brett’s 9 Pieces of the Kaleidoscope

Albert Powell
Chuck James
Jarrod Bartie
Calvin Grant (Omega Chapter)
Michael Ray
Calvin Wallace
Jerry Dianis
Kirk Blackman
Dwayne Crowder

1989 : Quizz’s Four Quantum Quirks of Fate

James Cromartie (Omega Chapter)
Clarence Baker
Larry Brown
Brian Lee

1996 : A.D’s 8 Wandering Souls of Judge Dredd

Desmond Ivit
Robert Early
Maury Branch III
Hollis Meminger
Christopher Gist
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Darrell Gilliard
Karl Kennedy

1998 : H.S.’s 4 Soldiers of the New Regime featuring New Flava from Big Hurt & Shaka

E. Kyle Lallis III (Omega Chapter)
Marcus Walker
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Rodney Emery

2000 : Showtime’s 5 Mighty Sons of Havoc and Hell ft. Guiding Light

Marc D. Lee
Jack S. Monell
Edward Muhammad
Derrick Montgomery
Koy D. Banks

2002 : Guiding Light’s 3 Soul Survivors of Blood, Sweat and Tears featuring Dr. Jekyl/Mr. Hyde

Perry L. Anderson II
Brian Girigorie
Terrance Jackson

2004 : Two Face’s 4 Sons of True Grit and Omega S.O.U.L.

Anthony J. Reed
Ramsey L. Smith
Ernest B. Wyatt

2007 : Hecatombe’s 4 Tried & True Soldiers of the Punishing Resurrection

Joseph H. Johnson Jr.
Brandon L. Wyatt
Byron A. Moody III
Joseph S. Koroma III

2011 : Dean Punisha’s 5 Resolute ConQUErors of the Golden Resurgence ft. Insomniac

Nasser R. Muhammad
Nigel A. Franklin
Tamal J. Burise
Edward E. Norman
Brian E. Howard

2013 : M.F. Jones' 4 Royal Pieces of Indestructible Funk Under Dr. No's Despotic Control

Donrico L. Washington II
Isaiah J. Gardner
Todd J. Hughes
Jason D. Culpepper

2020 : The Legend of Dr. No's 4 Deranged Nightmares from the Unforgiving Sanatorium of Red Horse

Justin A. Smith
Brandon M. Stroder
Mitchell G. V. Linton
Lewis G. Luseni Jr.

2022 : The Fate of Forty's 2 Fragments of Terror Under Teflon''s Fury from the SunQen Place

Alexzander Ballard
William Johnson III

Bro. Kevin D. Poplar, Sr. (2021 - 2022)

Bro. Kevin D. Poplar, Sr. (2020 - 2021)

Bro. Kevin D. Poplar, Sr. (3rd District OMOY 2019 - 2020)

Bro. Kevin D. Poplar, Sr. (2019 - 2020)

Bro. Derrick Thornton (2018 - 2019)

Bro. Kevin D. Poplar, Sr. (2017 - 2018)

Bro. Glen Yonkers Jr. (2016 - 2017)

Bro. Glen Yonkers Jr. (2015 - 2016)

Bro. Billy Holcombe (2013 - 2014)

Bro. Ilandus Swinson (2011-2013)

Bro. Willie “W. J.” Williams, Jr. (3rd District OMOY 2010-2011)

Bro. Willie “W. J.” Williams, Jr. (2009 - 2010)

Bro. Willie “W. J.” Williams, Jr. (2007 - 2008)

Bro. Koy D. Banks (2001 - 2002)

Bro. Robert Tolson (2000-2001)

Bro. Robert Tolson (1999-2000)

Bro. Clarence Labor, Jr. (1997 - 1998)

Bro Robert Early, Jr. (1996-1997)

Bro. Clarence Labor, Jr. (1994 - 1995) Co-Winner

Bro. Tony Teat  (1994 - 1995) Co-Winner

Bro. Clarence Labor, Jr. (1993 - 1994)